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Recycle Your Empty Ink Cartridges For Cash

Do you want to get cash for your empty printer ink cartridge? As with many items discarded today, ink cartridges can be recycled and reused. Follow the simple steps below and start earning money by recycling ink cartridges. Open your account today, or donate your empty ink cartridges to our chosen charity using our FREE postage service. We will pay cash for that empty ink cartridge! Not just a few pennies, but currently we pay up to £4.50 per empty cartridge for some ink cartridges.

Recycling Steps

Open An Ink Cartridge Recycling Account

Our recycling schemes are open to charities, schools, businesses and individuals. Please check our pricelist for the current prices we pay for some empty ink cartridges.

We DO NOT recycle laserjet toner cartridges or Epson , Brother and Kodak ink cartridges

Any problems visit the FAQ page on the website click here.

Cash For Your Cartridges!!!

OK, so lets talk money. There are lots of ink cartridge brands such as Canon , HP , Dell & Lexmark, all these manufacturers produce several models of cartridge which all have different value to us as recyclers. We strongly recommend you check our current price list in order to check the value of your cartridge.

Which Empty Ink Cartridges Do We Recycle ?

We buy most but not all empty ink cartridges used in printers throughout the UK. When we say used ink cartridges we do not include " LaserJet toner cartridges ".The main brands that can be recycled with ourselves are:- HP & Canon. We do not recycle any Epson, Lexmark, Dell or Brother used ink cartridges.

We accept empty ink cartridges from individuals, schools, colleges , businesses & charities. Simply open an account with our simple online application with no obligation and start collecting empty ink cartridges.

We pay out your account on a monthly basis if your balance has reached over £25. Don`t worry, if your balance has not reached £25.01 it simply rolls over to the next month. This means that recyclers large and small can benefit from our cash for cartridges scheme.

Don`t forget that every ink cartridge that we can recycle does not end up in a landfill site. So the environmental benefits are considerable. If your looking for new original or compatible printer ink cartridges then we recommend

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Empty Ink Cartridge Recycle

How Do I Access My Account Balance?

To view your account balance enter your account number into the yellow check balance box at the bottom of the page. Enter only the account number minus the 'R' value, an example is shown below.

If your account number is "R1234" - Enter "1234" in the account balance box and click check balance. Note: please don't enter the R value with your account number, it WILL NOT show your balance.

Any problems visit the FAQ page on the website click here.


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Find out why recycling your printer ink cartridges is beneficial to the environment and how you can become greener.

Earn money in exchange for ink cartridges that you do not want. Learn More