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Differences Between HP V1 and Old Code

With the improvements in HP technology, they have added a new style of HP 301 ink cartridge and updated the version to coincide with the new release of printers from 2013 and 2014.

The new and improved V1 ink cartridge is for the cartridges that are shown on date of the cartridge after 08/2014. This information is printed on your cartridge and will work with all the new printers released by HP.

The old code style HP 301 and 301XL ink cartridges are with the date imprinted on a cartridge with pre 08/2014. These cartridges will work with all the older style printers, but not the newer ones.

The HP printer will show the user if they are using an old expired ink cartridge, which is not compatible with their printer.

Find The HP CodeThe code can be found on the cartridge. The HP ink cartridges are some of the most popular around and along site the HP 300 provide alot of the HP ink cartridge market.


With four different types available you can recycle your HP 301 and HP 301XL at cashforcartridges, just go and check the pricelist for you V1 and old code cartridges.


Please note OLD CODE cartridges will now be chargebacks on your account. Please make sure you check your cartridge. If you need help get in contact via the cashforcartridges website.

With recent updates with some of the new printers and new firmware onto the market. Printer manufactuer HP is advising customers to 'lock' the genuine HP ink cartridges so that they can't be used in any printer and in turn can't be recycled.


By locking the HP ink cartridge they can't be used again and so cannot be recycled and so the cartridge can only be thrown away and will become landfill. The HP ink cartridge once locked can then not be remnufactured by companies and future uses of compatible or remnufactured cartridges on the customers printer can't be used.


Most messages once the update and locking software on cartridges has been done, will show as (or similar to) "Cartridges locked to another printer", "Cartridges failed" or "Cartridges cannot be recognised".


Once these messages are showing unfortunately you'll only be able to use Genuine HP catrridges in your printer. Cashforcartridges advise is to read update information or on screen information correctly before going ahead with any updates or changes. If your unsure contact the seller of your ink cartridges.


Cashforcartridges can't recycle the locked ink cartridges and so will be on a charge back, please check your cartridges before you send them in to be recycled. Check our latest prices

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